Sweet, Revelation

Sweet, J.P.M.: Revelation. (Westminster Pelican Commentaries). Philadelphia, 1979 This is a commentary with a strong emphasis on the necessity of the use of OT in the interpretation of Revelation. Sweet attributes “creative freedom” to John and sees Revelation as “a Christian rereading of the whole Jewish scriptural heritage, from the stories of the beginning to… Continue reading Sweet, Revelation

Mounce, Revelation

Mounce, Robert H.: Revelation . (NICNT). Grand Rapids: Eerdsman, 1998. 439 pp. Mounce has revised his classic 1977-commentary. All the merits that the 1977-edition had is retained in the new edition. It is still a careful and well-written premillennial commentary with excellent attention to the text and its use within Revelation as well as the… Continue reading Mounce, Revelation

Michaels, Revelation

Michaels, J. Ramsey. Revelation. IVP.NTC 20. Downers Grove, IL; Leicester, UK: InterVarsity Press, 1997. 265 pp. Professor Michaels has written a commentary well worth the reading. One interesting contribution is the analysis of the structure of Revelation. Michaels argues, as do others, that the so-called interlude in chapter 7 is not really an interlude. This… Continue reading Michaels, Revelation

Krodel, Revelation

Krodel, Gerhard A.: Revelation. Augsburg Commentary on the NT. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Augsburg, 1989. This 391 page commentary written by an American Lutheran is a favorite of mine. Krodel has provided a very good introduction where he shows himself to be more than familiar with recent scholarship, both American, English and German. The commentary is well… Continue reading Krodel, Revelation

Kraft, Offenbarung

Kraft, Heinrich. Die Offenbarung des Johannes. (HNT, 16a). Tübingen: Mohr, 1974. Kraft is one of the strongest proponents for the influence of the OT. According to Kraft OT is the only source John uses: “Die alttestamentliche Prophetie ist die einzige Quelle, auf die er sich bei seinen Weisungen stützt” (p. 16). Furthermore, Kraft thinks that… Continue reading Kraft, Offenbarung

Keener, Revelation

Keener, Craig S.: Revelation: From Biblical Text to Contemporary Life. (The NIV Application Commentary). Zondervan Publishing House: Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2000. This 576 page commentary features 20+ page introduction, an outline, an annotated bibiography (although the comments are not always especially helpful), a Scripture index, Subject and Author indices, and nothing less than a 16… Continue reading Keener, Revelation

Giesen, Offenbarung

Giesen, Heinz. Die Offenbarung des Johannes. Regensburger NT. Regensburg: Verlag Friedrich Pustet, 1997. Giesen, a Catholic Professor of the NT, has written an extremely well-researched commentary. The 562 pages is replete with research surveys, excursuses, and detailed discussions. Many of the discussions has been published as major articles at least since 1981/1982. Martyrdom is a… Continue reading Giesen, Offenbarung

Fiorenza, Revelation

Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schüssler: Revelation. Vision of a just World. Edinburgh: T&& Clark, 1993 (= Augsburg Fortress 1991). Fiorenza’s 150 page commentary contains an index of scriptural passages and a bibliography and three parts: Introduction, Commentary and a part about Theo-Ethical Rhetoric. Although I personally and many others with me do not agree with Fiorenza’s liberation… Continue reading Fiorenza, Revelation