Café Apocalypsis – Alan S. Bandy

Ph.D. Alan S. Bandy’s blog: Café Apocalypsis, contains a few entries on Revelation: See his categories Book of Revelation/The Apocalypse of John, as well as the following entries: Book Recommendation: Charts on the Book of Revelation The Imperial Cult in Asia Minor during the Reign of Domitian Jesus as “The Son of Man”: Periphrasis or… Continue reading Café Apocalypsis – Alan S. Bandy

Remarks on persecutions and the imperial cult

This topic deals with works who treat the themes of persecutions and the imperial cult with or without reference to Revelation. Although some scholars have uttered their disagreement, until recently few Revelation scholars have doubted that there were imperially initiated severe persecutions in Asia which was the primary reason for Revelation. Now, however, several scholars… Continue reading Remarks on persecutions and the imperial cult

Sordi, Christians and the Roman Empire

Sordi, Marta. The Christians and the Roman Empire. London; London: University of Oklahoma Press, 1986. Sordi has treated the topic of relationship between the Roman Empire and the Christians earlier (Il christianesimo e Roma (1965) and this is her second book on this theme. Her view has not changed, but this book treats the questions… Continue reading Sordi, Christians and the Roman Empire

Scherrer, Signs and Wonders

Scherrer, Stephen Joseph: ”Signs and Wonders in the Imperial Cult: A New Look at a Roman Religious Institution in the Light of Rev 13:13-15” in Journal of Biblical Literature 103 (1984): 599-610. Scherrer’s thesis supports the usual understanding of Rev 13, but, in my view, his arguments should only be followed with great caution.

Price, Between Man and God

Price, Simon R.F.: ”Between Man and God: Sacrifice in the Roman Imperial Cult” in: Journal of Roman Studies 70 (1980): 28-43. Quite important study on this topic which is often mistreated in studies written by Western scholars who have lost the ancient view on the role of sacrifices.