E. S. Constantinou, Andrew of Caesarea and the Apocalypse

About Eugénia Scarvelis Constantinou: Andrew of Caesarea and the Apocalypse In the Ancient Church of the East. Ph.D.-dissertation, Université Laval, Quebec, Canada, 2008. The thesis consists of an analysis and an explanation as well as of a translation. The thesis is now published, the translation in a separate volume.

POxy – Revelation 13:18

POxy – Revelation 13:18 High as well as low quality pictures can be found online via POxy: Oxyrhynchus Online. The Oxyrhynchus collection as well as other collections are provided by Papyrology at Oxford. A Norwegian article, »Dyrets nummer er ikke nødvendigvis 666«, by Kjetil Johansen was found here, but is no longer publicly accessible.

Hernández, Scribal habits

Hernández, Juan, Jr. Scribal Habits and Theological Influences in the Apocalypse: The Singular Readings of Sinaiticus, Alexandrinus, and Ephraemi . Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, Series 2, 218. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2006. xv + 241 pp. Text-critical studies are rare, especially on this scale. This volume is originally presented as a Ph.D.-thesis at Emory University… Continue reading Hernández, Scribal habits

Schmid, Studien (3 volumes)

Schmid, J. Studien zur Geschichte des griechischen Apokalypse-Textes. Münchener theologische Studien. I. Historische Abteilung. Ergänzungsband 1. 3 vols. München: Karl Zink Verlag, 1955-1956. This study was groundbreaking and laid a new foundation for the study of the text of Revelation. Volume 1 of this study is the critical edition of Andrew of Caesara, the standard… Continue reading Schmid, Studien (3 volumes)