Bock & Fanning, Scripture Citing Scripture

Darrell L. Bock, and Buist M. Fanning, eds. Interpreting the New Testament: Text: Introduction to the Art and Science of Exegesis. Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books, 2006. See especially “Apocalyptic Genre: Visions and Symbols” (pp. 241-254) and “Scripture citing scripture: use of the Old Testament in the new” (pp. 255-276). For a full Table of Content… Continue reading Bock & Fanning, Scripture Citing Scripture

Barr (ed.), Reality of Apocalypse

Barr, David Lawrence (ed.) The Reality of Apocalypse: Rhetoric and Politics in the Book of Revelation. Society of Biblical Literature symposium series, 39. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2006. ix + 306 pp. RRP £19.22 Barr, who headed the Seminar on the Apocalypse: The Intersection of Literary and Social Methos, has selected a number of essays to… Continue reading Barr (ed.), Reality of Apocalypse

Remarks on Genre

The entries marked Genre refer to works that are a part of the very important, but complex discussion of the problem of genre. Among the most influential works are the ones by the SBL Apocalypse Group, published in Semeia 14 (1979) and 36 (1986).

Mazzaferri, Genre

Mazzaferri, F.D.: The Genre of the Book of Revelation from a Source-critical Perspective . Beiheft zur Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und die Kunde der älteren Kirche, 54. Berlin: de Gruyter, 1989. 486 pp. This dissertation builds on the research carried out by a number of scholars from the International Colloquium and the SBL Apocalypse… Continue reading Mazzaferri, Genre

David Hellholm’s works

Hellholm, David. “The Problem of Apocalyptic Genre and the Apocalypse of John.” Society of Biblical Literature Seminar Papers 21 (1982): 157-98. See also the same article in Semeia, no. 36 (1986): 13-64. Hellholm, David. Das Visionenbuch des Hermas als Apokalypse. Coniectanea Biblica, New Testament Series 13: 1. Lund: CWK Gleeup, 1980. Hellholm, David. “Methodological Reflections… Continue reading David Hellholm’s works

Aune, Problem of Genre

Aune, David Edward. “The Apocalypse of John and the Problem of Genre.” One of the influential articles, especially with regard to the enhancement of the definition of the apocalypse genre.