Heinrich Julius Holtzmann, Geschichte der Auslegung

“Geschichte der Auslegung der Apokalypse des Johannes,” by Heinrich Julius Holtzmann (1893). Online here: http://www.payer.de/christentum/holtzmann01.htm. First published in: Holtzmann, Heinrich Julius. Evangelium, Briefe und Offenbarung des Johannes. Edited by Heinrich Julius Holtzmann, and R. A. Lipsius. 2nd ed. Hand-Commentar zum Neuen Testament, 4. Tübingen: Mohr, 1893, pp. 280-289.

Trench, Epistles to the Seven Churches

Trench, Richard Chenevix. Commentary on the Epistles to the Seven Churches in Asia, Revelation II.III . 1st ed. London: Parker, Son, & Bourn, 1861. xi + 225 pp. At least six editions were published in the UK and the USA in the 19th century. Reprint. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 1997. 249 pp. Richard… Continue reading Trench, Epistles to the Seven Churches

Wainwright, Mysterious Apocalypse

Wainwright, Arthur William. Mysterious Apocalypse: Interpreting the Book of Revelation. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1993. 293 pages, bibliography, indices and 35 pages with notes. Reprint. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock publishers, 2001. This very well-written and well researched book contains three parts, the first of which treats “The Millennium and History”. It depends on first hand… Continue reading Wainwright, Mysterious Apocalypse

Simojoki, Apocalypse Interpreted

Simojoki, Anssi. Apocalypse Interpreted: The Types of Interpretation of the Book of Revelation in Finland 1944-1995, From the Second World War to the Post-Cold War World. Åbo: Åbo Akademi University Press, 1997. 220 pp. Through the lens of semiotic theory, Simojoki analyses the interpretation/use of Revelation in Finland in the period 1944-1995. Apocalypse Interpreted is… Continue reading Simojoki, Apocalypse Interpreted

Hofmann, Luther

Hofmann, H.-U.: Luther und die Johannes-Apokalypse: Dargestellt im Rahmen der Auslegungsgeschichte des letzten Buches der Bibel und im Zusammenhang der theologischen Entwicklung des Reformators. (BGBE 24). Tübingen: J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1982. In print. This book is a rather extensive and detailed dissertational study (Habilitationsschrift) of Luther’s use of the Book of Revelation. Although Luther’s… Continue reading Hofmann, Luther

Charles, Studies in the Apocalypse

Charles, R.H.: Studies in the Apocalypse. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1913 and 1915 (2. ed.). Reprint. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock Publishers, 1997. Charles’ presentation of the history of interpretation in his commentary was an abbreviation of a larger study. The full presentation is given here. “Shorter studies by the author of the commentary… Continue reading Charles, Studies in the Apocalypse

Zahn, Offenbarung

Zahn, Theodor. Die Offenbarung des Johannes ausgelegt. Leipzig: Deichert, 1924-1926; reprint, Wuppertal: R. Brockhaus Verlag, 1986. vi + 633 pp. This work deserves a detailed presentation. It is an erudite commentary that presents material and insights hardly found elsewhere. Zahn provides a detailed overview of the history of interpretation.