Johannes Munck, Petrus und Paulus

Munck, Johannes. Petrus und Paulus in der Offenbarung des Johannes: Ein Beitrag zur Auslegung der Apokalypse. Teologiske Skrifter, 1. København: Rosenkilde & Bagger, 1950. 125 pp. Johannes Munck (1904-1965) was professor of New Testament at Aarhus University from the very beginning. The Danish professors Peder Madsen and Holger Mosbech had both written on the history… Continue reading Johannes Munck, Petrus und Paulus

Lücke, Einleitung

Lücke, Friedrich. Versuch einer vollständigen Einleitung in die Offenbarung Johannis oder Allgemeine Untersuchungen über die apokalyptische Litteratur überhaupt und die Apokalypse des Johannes insbesondere. 2nd ed. Commentar über die Schriften des Evangelisten Johannes, 4:1. Bonn: Eduard Weber, 1852. xviii + 1074 pp. The classic introduction to Revelation and the apocalyptic literature in general by Friedrich… Continue reading Lücke, Einleitung

Jenkins, The OT in Revelation

Jenkins, Ferrell. The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation. Foreword by Homer Hailey. Marion, Indiana: Cogdill Foundation Publications, 1972. Reprint. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 1976. Reprint. Temple Terrace, Florida : Florida College Bookstore, 1984. 151 pp. Still in print (see below). This volume was originally presented as the author’s thesis (M.A.) at… Continue reading Jenkins, The OT in Revelation

McKim (ed.), Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters

McKim, Donald K. Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters. Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 2007. xxviii + 1106 pp. DMBI is a revised edition of Historical handbook of major biblical interpreters (1998), already an established reference. This revised and expanded volume is a welcome resource for any Biblical scholar and student. Hopefully, an electronic edition will… Continue reading McKim (ed.), Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters

Simojoki, Apocalypse Interpreted

Simojoki, Anssi. Apocalypse Interpreted: The Types of Interpretation of the Book of Revelation in Finland 1944-1995, From the Second World War to the Post-Cold War World. Åbo: Åbo Akademi University Press, 1997. 220 pp. Through the lens of semiotic theory, Simojoki analyses the interpretation/use of Revelation in Finland in the period 1944-1995. Apocalypse Interpreted is… Continue reading Simojoki, Apocalypse Interpreted

Stenström, Book of Revelation (abstract)

Stenström, Hanne. The Book of Revelation. A Vision of the Ultimate Liberation or the Ultimate Backlash? A study in 20th Century interpretations of Rev 14:1-5, with special emphasis on feminist exegesis. Doctoral dissertation publicly defended at Uppsala University April 10th, 1999 for the Degree of Doctor of Theology (New Testament Exegesis) This 355 page study… Continue reading Stenström, Book of Revelation (abstract)