Remarks on scholarly commentaries

The commentaries included in the category Scholarly commentaries are either scholarly (i.e., written for scholars and serious students) or written by scholars and with a specific, valuable view on Revelation or one of the topics discussed on Revelation Resources. Although it is hardly possible to rank commentaries objectively, I would suggest that some commentaries should… Continue reading Remarks on scholarly commentaries

Remarks on writings in the Scandinavian languages

This topic includes references to on-line material or written contributions in the Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) that are either scholarly of nature or written by scholars. See the individual posts and/or “Danish writings on Revelation,” “Norwegian writings on Revelation,” and “[Swedish post to follow]” for more information. Theses In his thesis, Christ the… Continue reading Remarks on writings in the Scandinavian languages

Remarks on structure

The entries marked structure deal with the problem of structure, one of the more controversial, but also important issues as regards the interpretation of Revelation. This issue has two aspects: First, the question of the textual organisation of Revelation (i.e. its “outline”), and, second, the relationship between the text and the events to which the… Continue reading Remarks on structure

Remarks on the Use of the Old Testament

This topic deals with the relationship between the Old Testament and Revelation and of methodological considerations concerning this problem. Those commentaries that treat this topic in a systematic way will be listed. A special area of research within this topic is the question of typology, which therefore has its own topic (or category). The problem… Continue reading Remarks on the Use of the Old Testament

Remarks on Asia Minor

Ancient Asia Minor naturally attracts the attention of the student of Revelation, as it mentions seven cities. The topic Asia Minor deals with various aspects, including its history, archaeology, sociology and geography. The topic of persecutions and imperial cult have their own topics or categories.

Remarks on ecclesiology

The topic Revelation and Ecclesiology deals with the theological discussions and definitions of the church, her organisation and her responsible leaders (pastor and/or bishops), and the vocabulary and concepts used.