Remarks on the language of Revelation

The entries marked language treat the problem of language of Revelation, including the discussion whether Revelation was dependent on or used the Greek or Hebrew Old Testament. There are, of course, many philological or linguistic analyses in quite many studies on Revelation, but to qualify for inclusion, the works must concentrate on these topics, not… Continue reading Remarks on the language of Revelation

Om de skandinaviske henvisninger

Denne gruppe indeholder henvisninger til online materiale eller trykte bøger og artikler, som jeg vurderer, man kan lære noget af. Der er ikke nødvendigvis tale om egentlig videnskabelige artikler. Nogle af artiklerne kan hjælpe ikke-fagfolk i gang med at læse Johannes’ Åbenbaring. De skandinaviske sprog er i øvrigt: dansk, norsk og svensk, men strengt taget… Continue reading Om de skandinaviske henvisninger

Remarks on Revelation and art

As is obvious from even a cursory reading of works on history of art, Revelation has had a profound influence on art. Art may reveal how Revelation was interpreted at a given time and place.

Remarks on reviews

Revelation Reviews (ISSN 1397-2936) was published in 1997-1998. It was edited by cand.theol. Georg S. Adamsen (then at the Lutheran School of Theology in Aarhus) and dr. John W. Marshall (then at the Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto). It was an e-journal featuring reviews of scholarly books and major articles on… Continue reading Remarks on reviews

Remarks on persecutions and the imperial cult

This topic deals with works who treat the themes of persecutions and the imperial cult with or without reference to Revelation. Although some scholars have uttered their disagreement, until recently few Revelation scholars have doubted that there were imperially initiated severe persecutions in Asia which was the primary reason for Revelation. Now, however, several scholars… Continue reading Remarks on persecutions and the imperial cult

Remarks on Asia Minor

Ancient Asia Minor naturally attracts the attention of the student of Revelation, as it mentions seven cities. The topic Asia Minor deals with various aspects, including its history, archaeology, sociology and geography. The topic of persecutions and imperial cult have their own topics or categories.

Remarks on ecclesiology

The topic Revelation and Ecclesiology deals with the theological discussions and definitions of the church, her organisation and her responsible leaders (pastor and/or bishops), and the vocabulary and concepts used.