Scott, Original Language

Scott, Robert Balgarnie Young: The Original Language of the Apocalypse. University of Toronto Press: Toronto, 1928. 25 pp. including bibliographical references. In this volume – originally a Ph.D.-thesis submitted to University of Toronto, Scott (for short biographies, see here and here) argued that Revelation was originally written in Hebrew.

Laughlin, Solecisms

Laughlin, T. Cowden: The Solecisms of the Apocalypse. Princeton: C.S. Robinson & Co., University Printers, 1902. 23 pp. Now on-line. Despite its modest size, Laughlin’s booklet is his Ph.D.-thesis, presented to the Faculty of Princeton University in 1902. It contains a systematic analysis of the peculiar language of Revelation. Laughlin concludes that the solecisms “are… Continue reading Laughlin, Solecisms

Beale, Use of the OT

Beale, Gregory K. John’s Use of the Old Testament in Revelation. Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series, no. 166. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1999. 443 pp. A standard-setting study published in the early 1999. The volume includes the following chapters that, for some parts, are reprints or revisions of earlier publications.… Continue reading Beale, Use of the OT

Evans & Sanders, Early Christian Interpretation

Evans, Craig A., and James A. Sanders, eds. Early Christian Interpretation of the Scriptures of Israel: Investigations and Proposals. Journal for the study of the New Testament, vol. 148; Studies in Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity, 5. Sheffield, England: Sheffield Academic Press, 1997. 476 pp. Includes a methodological essay on the use of the… Continue reading Evans & Sanders, Early Christian Interpretation

Aune, Revelation (3 volumes)

Aune, David E.: Revelation 1-5 . WBC 52A. Waco, TX: Word, 1997.-: Revelation 6-16 . WBC 52B. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1998.-: Revelation 17-22 . WBC 52C. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1998. Vol. 1 of this commentary features a more than 200 pages introduction covering everything from textual criticism to the langugage of Revelation in more detail… Continue reading Aune, Revelation (3 volumes)

Schmid, Studien (3 volumes)

Schmid, J. Studien zur Geschichte des griechischen Apokalypse-Textes. Münchener theologische Studien. I. Historische Abteilung. Ergänzungsband 1. 3 vols. München: Karl Zink Verlag, 1955-1956. This study was groundbreaking and laid a new foundation for the study of the text of Revelation. Volume 1 of this study is the critical edition of Andrew of Caesara, the standard… Continue reading Schmid, Studien (3 volumes)

Remarks on the language of Revelation

The entries marked language treat the problem of language of Revelation, including the discussion whether Revelation was dependent on or used the Greek or Hebrew Old Testament. There are, of course, many philological or linguistic analyses in quite many studies on Revelation, but to qualify for inclusion, the works must concentrate on these topics, not… Continue reading Remarks on the language of Revelation