Dr. Laszlo’s resource collection

http://www.apokaliptikum.lap.hu This quite extensive resource collection is compiled by Dr. Hubbes Laszlo. Although it is in the Hungarian language, some headlines are translated, and it is certainly possible to find quite a number of useful resources, even if you do not know Hungarian. As the sample shows. As Dr. Laszlo informed me, “the majority of… Continue reading Dr. Laszlo’s resource collection

Professor Felix Just: Art, Images, Music

Links to Art, Images, Music, and Materials related to the Book of Revelation, collected by professor, Ph.D. Felix Just Professor Just keeps sections on Music, Collection of Images, and Individual images and materials pertaining to each chapter of Revelation. Just also links to Depictions of Related stories and legends, and to Other collections of Apocalyptic… Continue reading Professor Felix Just: Art, Images, Music

Seel, Theology of Music for Worship

Seel, Thomas Allen. A Theology of Music for Worship Derived From the Book of Revelation. Studies in liturgical musicology, 3. Metuchen, New Jersey: Scarecrow Press, 1995. xi + 209 pp. ISBN: 0810829894. $30.00 / £38.00 / €59.85. Revised edition of Seel’s thesis. Includes bibliography (pp. 193-206) and index. The publisher describes the book as follows:… Continue reading Seel, Theology of Music for Worship