Bauckham, Climax of Prophecy

Bauckham, Richard: The Climax of Prophecy. Studies on the Book of Revelation. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1993. xviii + 550 pp. This book is closely connected with Bauckham’s Theology and sometimes provides the arguments or more detailed arguments to the views in The Theology, sometimes extends or develops arguments in depth. Bauckham knows other… Continue reading Bauckham, Climax of Prophecy

Briggs, Jewish Temple Imagery

Briggs, Robert A. Jewish Temple Imagery in the Book of Revelation. Studies in Biblical Literature, 10. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 1998. 275 pp. This book examines the temple in the book of Revelation, which is where Jewish temple motifs find their scriptural culmination. Dr. Briggs first traces various temple themes through the Old Testament… Continue reading Briggs, Jewish Temple Imagery

McCormack, Nature of Judgment (abstract)

McCormack, Philip. The Nature of Judgment in the Book of the Revelation. This 272 page D.Phil.-thesis was successfully defended at The Faculty of Humanities, The Institute of Theology, The Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, on June 15th, 2001 and the D.Phil.-degree awarded July 4th, 2001. The examiners were the Reverend Doctor Steven Motyer of… Continue reading McCormack, Nature of Judgment (abstract)

Mounce, Revelation

Mounce, Robert H.: Revelation . (NICNT). Grand Rapids: Eerdsman, 1998. 439 pp. Mounce has revised his classic 1977-commentary. All the merits that the 1977-edition had is retained in the new edition. It is still a careful and well-written premillennial commentary with excellent attention to the text and its use within Revelation as well as the… Continue reading Mounce, Revelation

Keener, Revelation

Keener, Craig S.: Revelation: From Biblical Text to Contemporary Life. (The NIV Application Commentary). Zondervan Publishing House: Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2000. This 576 page commentary features 20+ page introduction, an outline, an annotated bibiography (although the comments are not always especially helpful), a Scripture index, Subject and Author indices, and nothing less than a 16… Continue reading Keener, Revelation