Mealy, After the Thousand Years

Mealy, J. Webb: After the Thousand Years: Resurrection and Judgment in Revelation 20. (JSNT.SS 70). Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1992. 273 pp. Mealy’s study is the first monograph on Revelation 20 since Bietenhard’s from 1955. Mealy argues in favour of a premillennial position, even though he, at first, seems to present arguments that to me… Continue reading Mealy, After the Thousand Years

Remarks on the ‘thousand-year’ problem

Introduction The interpretation of the ‘thousand-year’ text in Revelation 20:1-10 (more precisely in verses 2-7) has lead to a flood of literature on this topic. The various views exist in many different versions, and there is hardly two substantial works that agree on all aspects. This ‘thousand-year’ problem is part of the larger issue of… Continue reading Remarks on the ‘thousand-year’ problem

Synnes, Tusenårsrike

Synnes, Martin. “Kommer det et tusenårsrike? Joh åp 20,4-6 som akilleshæl i bibeltolkningen” i Tidsskrift for Teologi og Kirke 73 (2002): 3-17. I denne artikel argumenterer tidligere førsteamanuensis Martin Synnes for, at tolkningen af Åb 20,4-6 må basere sig på to præmisser. For det første Jesu genkomst i 19,11ff og for det andet den endelige… Continue reading Synnes, Tusenårsrike

Adamsen, Parousia and Paraenesis (abstract)

Adamsen, Georg S. Parousia and Paraenesis: The Parousia Motif and Its Paraenetic Use in the Book of the Revelation. Dr.theol. thesis, Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology, Oslo (Det teologiske Menighetsfakultetet, Oslo), 2001/2002. The Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology in Oslo, Norway, ( has accepted the 369 page dissertation Parousia and Paraenesis: The Parousia Motif and… Continue reading Adamsen, Parousia and Paraenesis (abstract)

Adamsen, De tusinde år

Adamsen, Georg S. “‘De tusinde år’: Et essay om den kronologiske udstrækning af ‘de tusinde år’ i Åb 20,2-7” (‘The Thousand Years’: An Essay About the Chronological Duration of the Thousand Years in Ap 20:2-7). Ichthys 25, no. 2 (1998) 67-83. Adamsen concedes that the millennial interpretation is right in its insistence that Rev 20:1-10… Continue reading Adamsen, De tusinde år