Kempson, Theology

Kempson, Wayne Richard. “Theology in the Revelation of John.” Ph.D.-dissertation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, 1982. Although 25 years old, this work is a very good one to start with if you want to study the structure of Revelation and the principles used for analysing the structure. See also Mazzaferri’s Genre. (July 9,th, 2000).

Thompson, Semitic Syntax

Thompson, Steven: The Apocalypse and Semitic Syntax. Cambridge: CUP, 1985. Thompson argues that some semantic and syntactical problems may be solved if the Aramaic background is taken into consideration. Thompson’s book is reviewed by M. Wilcox in: JTS 38 (1987) 510-512. (7 Oct 1997)

Porter, Two articles on language

Porter, Stanley E.: ”The Language of the Apocalypse in Recent Discussion” in: NTS 35 (1989) 582-603. -: “Another Look at the Language of the Apocalypse” in: Abstracts AAR & SBL Annual Meeting 1987 (Scholars Press, Atlanta 1987), pp. 217-218. Porter discusses some recent contributions including the one by S. Thompson (Thompson, Semitic Syntax). He argues… Continue reading Porter, Two articles on language