Thank you for your interest in Revelation mailing list, which is hosted by Yahoo! Groups.

The purpose of Revelation mailing list is to provide a forum for scholarly discussions and information sharing about the Book of Revelation.

History: Revelation mailing list was founded in 1996.

Rules: The contributing participants are required to have a minimum academic knowledge about the field. We expect members to contribute with analyses and arguments, not unsupported claims, statements, or material that one may find in any standard commentary. Contributors are, naturally, expected to maintain a high tone of discussion on the list.

We welcome information about academic publications etc. on Revelation. Please, let us know. You are also welcome to notify the editor of Revelation Resources.

Posting privileges: Revelation scholars and qualified students will be accepted with full posting privileges. Others are welcome, but their messages may be moderated, at least initially.

Archive: Unfortunately, the archive at http://www.post-boks.dk/Rev-list has been taken off-line, and we don’t know if it can or will be restored. All the messages sent since 2001 are archived at Yahoo! Groups (without attachments).

Who are the list members: We are quite diverse. Many are working on or have already published academic books or articles on Revelation.

Moderator: Dr. Timothy P. Jenney serves as moderator.

Dr. Georg S. Adamsen
Founding list owner and co-moderator

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