David Hellholm, The Visions He Saw

Hellholm, David. “The Visions He Saw or: To Encode the Future in Writing: An Analysis of the Prologue of John’s Apocalyptic Letter.” In Text and Logos: The Humanistic Interpretation of the New Testament. (Festschrift Hendrikus W. Boers.) Edited by Theodore W. Jennings, Jr. Scholars Press Homage Series, 14. Atlanta, Georgia: Scholars Press, 1990, 109-46. More… Continue reading David Hellholm, The Visions He Saw

David Hellholm’s works

Hellholm, David. “The Problem of Apocalyptic Genre and the Apocalypse of John.” Society of Biblical Literature Seminar Papers 21 (1982): 157-98. See also the same article in Semeia, no. 36 (1986): 13-64. Hellholm, David. Das Visionenbuch des Hermas als Apokalypse. Coniectanea Biblica, New Testament Series 13: 1. Lund: CWK Gleeup, 1980. Hellholm, David. “Methodological Reflections… Continue reading David Hellholm’s works