Adamsen on Garrow (review)

Revelation Reviews ISSN 1397-2936.Volume 2.001. Jan 1998 (Publication date: 15 Jan 1998) Alan J.P. Garrow: Revelation . New Testament Readings. London and New York: Routledge, 1997. Pp. 140. ISBN: 0-415-14641-0. This book is part of the New Testament Readings series which is “designed as a group of individual interpretations or ‘readings’ of the text, offering… Continue reading Adamsen on Garrow (review)

Adamsen on Kraybill (review)

Revelation Reviews ISSN 1397-2936.Volume 1.001. Mar 1997 (Publication date: 29 Mar 1997) J. Nelson Kraybill: Imperial Cult and Commerce in John’s Apocalypse . Journal for the Study of the New Testament, Supplement Series 132; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1996. Pp. 262. ISBN: 1-85075-616-3. This book, written by J. Nelson Kraybill, is based on his doctoral… Continue reading Adamsen on Kraybill (review)

Adamsen, Parousia and Paraenesis (abstract)

Adamsen, Georg S. Parousia and Paraenesis: The Parousia Motif and Its Paraenetic Use in the Book of the Revelation. Dr.theol. thesis, Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology, Oslo (Det teologiske Menighetsfakultetet, Oslo), 2001/2002. The Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology in Oslo, Norway, ( has accepted the 369 page dissertation Parousia and Paraenesis: The Parousia Motif and… Continue reading Adamsen, Parousia and Paraenesis (abstract)

Adamsen, De tusinde år

Adamsen, Georg S. “‘De tusinde år’: Et essay om den kronologiske udstrækning af ‘de tusinde år’ i Åb 20,2-7” (‘The Thousand Years’: An Essay About the Chronological Duration of the Thousand Years in Ap 20:2-7). Ichthys 25, no. 2 (1998) 67-83. Adamsen concedes that the millennial interpretation is right in its insistence that Rev 20:1-10… Continue reading Adamsen, De tusinde år

Adamsen, Exodusmotiver

Adamsen, Georg Stubkjær. Exodusmotiver i Johannes’ Åbenbaring . Aarhus: Teoltryk, 1992. This M.Theol.-thesis written in Danish presents the research on the topic Revelation and the OT from the beginning of the 20th Century through to early 1992 and then investigates the extensive use of the Exodus motives in Revelation concluding that all Exodus motives are… Continue reading Adamsen, Exodusmotiver