Boxall, Revelation

Boxall, Ian. The Revelation of Saint John. Black’s New Testament commentaries, 18. Peabody, Maryland; London; New York: Hendrickson Publishers; Continuum, 2006. xvi + 347 pp. Boxall’s commentary is the replacement for Caird’s. The introduction is short, but Boxall has published a separate volume covering the introductory issues: Boxall, Revelation: Vision and Insight. The publisher’s description… Continue reading Boxall, Revelation

Boxall, Introduction

Boxall, Ian. Revelation: Vision and Insight: An Introduction to the Apocalypse. London: SPCK, 2002. x + 166 pp. Paperback. In this volume, Boxall treats the introductory issues – undoubtedly as a preparation for his commentary. It is recommended by Christopher Rowland and Marc Goodacre, according to the publisher (here). Amazon’s synopsis states: “Whereas other introductions… Continue reading Boxall, Introduction

Moyise (ed.), Studies

Moyise, Steve (ed.) Studies in the Book of Revelation . Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2001. xvii + 206 pp. ISBN: 0567088146 (hb.), 0567088049 (pbk.). Essays included: The Words of Prophecy: Reading the Apocalypse Theologically, by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza (pp. 1-20) Seventh-Day Adventism: Self-Appointed Laodicea, by Robert Surridge (pp. 21-42) The Enthroned Christ of Revelation 5:6 and… Continue reading Moyise (ed.), Studies