Michaels, Revelation (Guides to NT Exegesis)

Michaels, J. Ramsey: Interpreting the Book of Revelation. (Guides to New Testament Exegesis). Grand Rapids, Michigan, Baker, 1992. Reprint, 1998. 150 pp. This 150 page guide to (the interpretation of) Revelation has two parts: General Considerations (on genre, authorship, historical and social setting, and structure) and Specific Examples of Exegesis (Textual Criticism, Grammar and Style,… Continue reading Michaels, Revelation (Guides to NT Exegesis)

Michaels, Revelation

Michaels, J. Ramsey. Revelation. IVP.NTC 20. Downers Grove, IL; Leicester, UK: InterVarsity Press, 1997. 265 pp. Professor Michaels has written a commentary well worth the reading. One interesting contribution is the analysis of the structure of Revelation. Michaels argues, as do others, that the so-called interlude in chapter 7 is not really an interlude. This… Continue reading Michaels, Revelation