Moyise (ed.), Studies

Moyise, Steve (ed.) Studies in the Book of Revelation . Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2001. xvii + 206 pp. ISBN: 0567088146 (hb.), 0567088049 (pbk.). Essays included: The Words of Prophecy: Reading the Apocalypse Theologically, by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza (pp. 1-20) Seventh-Day Adventism: Self-Appointed Laodicea, by Robert Surridge (pp. 21-42) The Enthroned Christ of Revelation 5:6 and… Continue reading Moyise (ed.), Studies

Barr (ed.), Reading Revelation

Barr, David L. (ed.) Reading the Book of Revelation: A Resource for Students. Resources for Biblical study, 44. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2004. x + 206 pp. A much cheeper paperback edition (ix + 199 pp.) is published by Society of Biblical Litterature. Publisher’s information, including a Table of Contents, is available here. For a presentation… Continue reading Barr (ed.), Reading Revelation

Paulien, Elusive Allusions

Paulien, J.: “Elusive Allusions: The Problematic Use of the Old Testament in Revelation”, Biblical Research 33 (1988), 37-53. This article establishes a number of rules for determining different types of use of the Old Testament ranging from quotations to echos. As Paulien shows, there are many works that deal with the questions of allusions without… Continue reading Paulien, Elusive Allusions

Paulien, Decoding Revelation’s Trumpets

Paulien, Jon. Decoding Revelation’s Trumpets: Literary Allusions and Interpretations of Revelation 8:7-12. (Andrews University Seminary Doctoral Dissertation Series 11). Berrien Springs, MI: Andrews University Press, 1988. This is the published edition of Paulien’s doctoral dissertation. Paulien has also written an article, “Elusive Allusions,” that extracts important methodological guidelines from his thesis.