Loren L. Johns

Dr. Loren L. Johns’s The Apocalypse of John lists many resources, including a number of articles written by Johns himself. See also his Apocalypticism and Millennialism: A Select Bibliography for Research. He also includes a section on Revelation in art, and a page with resources about Patmos (currently with some obsolete links). Dr. Johns’s Curriculum… Continue reading Loren L. Johns

Johns, Lamb Christology (abstract)

Johns, Loren L. »The Origins and Rhetorical Force of the Lamb Christology of the Apocalypse of John.« Bluffton College. Dissertation Adviser: Dr. James H. Charlesworth. Date of defence: 13 Feb 1998. An investigation of the origins and rhetorical force of the lamb imagery in the Apocalypse of John. Chapter one introduces the problem of reading… Continue reading Johns, Lamb Christology (abstract)