Steve Moyise on Revelation

Professor Steve Moyise is one of the most prolific scholars as regards studies on and related to Revelation: “Intertextuality and the Book of Revelation,” Expository Times 104 (1993): 295-298 The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1995. “The Language of the Old Testament in the Apocalypse,” Journal for the Study… Continue reading Steve Moyise on Revelation

Moyise, The OT in Revelation

Moyise, Steve: The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation . (JSNT.SS 115). Sheffield, Sheffield Academic Press, 1995. 173 pp. Moyise’s revised dissertation supervised by Frances Young is a rather short analysis (173 pages) of the relationship between OT, Qumran and Revelation with the focus on the use of Scripture in Rev 1-3, the use… Continue reading Moyise, The OT in Revelation

Moyise (ed.), Studies

Moyise, Steve (ed.) Studies in the Book of Revelation . Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2001. xvii + 206 pp. ISBN: 0567088146 (hb.), 0567088049 (pbk.). Essays included: The Words of Prophecy: Reading the Apocalypse Theologically, by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza (pp. 1-20) Seventh-Day Adventism: Self-Appointed Laodicea, by Robert Surridge (pp. 21-42) The Enthroned Christ of Revelation 5:6 and… Continue reading Moyise (ed.), Studies

Moyise, Language

Moyise, Steve. “The Language of the Old Testament in the Apocalypse.” JSNT, no. 76 (2000): 97-113. This is an excellent article by Dr. Moyise. Combining the evidence of, among others, R. H. Charles and H. B. Swete, in their commentaries, he argues that John was acquainted not only with the Hebrew OT, but also with… Continue reading Moyise, Language